5 Tips to Manage Your Chemical Waste Disposal

Chemical waste can be in a form of liquid, solid, or gaseous materials that when not disposed correctly, can cause hazards to anyone who will get exposed to it. The chemical waste falls under regulations such as from the COSHH in the United Kingdom and must display one or more of the characteristics: corrosivity, toxicity, reactivity, and ignitability. Your waste needs to be identified, both of their hazards and constituents so it can be safely handled and managed. Hazardous chemicals cannot be put into your Dumpster Rental because landfills put restrictions and proper regulations of these chemicals and materials.  

Below are the tips to have proper disposal management of your toxic materials: 

1. Choose compatible containers 

Choose the type of containers that are chemically compatible with the material it will contain. The chemicals will weaken, corrode, and dissolve these containers if they are not compatible. For instance, metal containers are not compatible with acids, while glass containers are not compatible with hydrofluoric acids.  

Aside from this, always have a secondary container. This means that your first container needs to be put in a secondary container to segregate incompatible waste and to capture chemicals that may leak or spill from the original container.  

2.label and identify the chemicals 

Identifying the names of the chemicals, their hazards, and their characteristics is a very important step in the disposal process. If you have these chemicals in your hand, you automatically have the responsibilities under the Hazardous Waste Regulations. Knowing the specifics and identification of the chemicals you have at your disposal is very paramount to handle them correctly.  

Do not cross out all other labels of the original product to avoid misinforming the waste technicians.  

3.have a waste storage area 

Disposing of your chemicals also means storing the waste first until qualified professionals and technicians are ready to get the chemicals in your place. So, to avoid dangers and accidents, there is a need to provide proper storage, ideally, near where the waste is created and produced and under the control of a skilled personnel. Also, make sure that it is far enough from normal activities and recognizable enough by people. To keep people away from these materials, you can put labels on them such as “Hazardous Waste.” 

4.hire a professional waste management company 

There are strict regulations you need to comply with when you carry, transport, use, and dispose of hazardous materials and chemicals. When your company does not have the expertise in handling these chemicals, it is better to contact a professional waste management company for this.  

5.know the storage time and quantity limits 

Comply with the UCSD. The following needs to be considered when calling a waste technician: First, you can store up to 55 gallons of each waste. This waste needs to be disposed within three days. Second, all hazardous wastes must be collected and disposed these within 90 days from the date it was first put into the storage and containers.  


When disposing of your materials, you need to identify the hazards it can cause and make sure the disposal management technician has all the necessary information about the chemicals. Follow all the protocols and comply with the regulations for safe waste disposal.